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It’s the driving force at NUCON Industries. The factor that propels the group to ever higher levels of innovation and productivity, to uncompromising quality standards and to the ultimate in customer satisfaction The Power of "N"

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Chairman Message

What had started a few years ago, as two directions the Company could take in its quest for Market Domination, grew enough in stature, potential and achievement to merit being given individual sub division and independent unit status.

Now, in keeping with the times and the demand of the marketplace, there is a need to brand these two units and get geared up to welcome some more such sub brands into our fold.

Unit I which focuses on Compressed Air and Pneumatic Solutions will henceforth be referred to as NUCON Pneumatics. And Unit II which specialises in providing Aerospace solutions will be called NUCON Aerospace.

On a personal note I am grateful to the entire team, the highly skilled and professional workforce at NUCON and its vendor partners for the tone and character they dictated to the evolution of the new logo and to the launch of the two (and soon to be more) sub-brands.

Also a word of appreciation for our clients around the world who have not just pushed us to pinnacles of excellence but have also allowed us the privilege of achieving results beyond the ordinary and dreaming beyond the expected.

I hope and pray that our new identities will continue to spur us onto even greater laurels and wider markets. I welcome you all onto this exciting phase of the Company’s destiny.

Chairman & Managing Director