Power of "N"

It’s the driving force at NUCON Industries. The factor that propels the group to ever higher levels of innovation and productivity, to uncompromising quality standards and to the ultimate in customer satisfaction The Power of "N"

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control actuation systerm

Control Actuation Systems

At Nucon, we take great pride in being the leaders of control Actuation systems. Control Actuation systems is a key application in the modern milieu and no doubt calls for intense expertise and specialization. Control Actuation Systems provide the vector change in the direction of motion of the system to meet the target.

Some of our product groups are:
  • Electro-Mechanical actuation systems
    • Rotary Electro-Mechanical actuators
    • Linear Electro-Mechanical actuators
  • Electro-Pneumatic actuation systems
  • Electro-Hydraulic systems
  • Servo Control Unit
    • Digital Control System design
    • Analog Control System design