Actuation Systems

Nucon has been in the field of Actuation system from last 40 years serving defence PSU's across India and Major OEM all over the World. We Design various types of actuation products for various applications.

Electro Pneumatic Servo Actuator

Integrated pneumatic Servo

Linear Electro Mechanical Actuator

Integrated Electro Mechanical Servo Actuator

Rotary Electro Mechanical Actuator


Nucon developed various valve for Space and marine applications.

Pyro Valve, ACU

Solenoid valve

Avionics systems

One of the core competences of NUCON lies in the electronic field. Nucon developed various electronic applications and had been a major contributor for Defence PSU's.

Power Distribution Unit

Digital Controller

Servo control Unit

Integrated Electro Mechical Assemblies

Developed electro Mechanical Precision assemblies for aerospace field.

Pneumatic Ejection System

Critical Machined Parts

Electro Optic & IR Positioning Products

Material : Ultem 2000
Criticality : 15 microns positional tolerance and 0.3 mm wall thickness on Brittle material

Material : Aluminium
Criticality : Skeleton structure, 10 microns positional tolerance, Hard anodising

Electro Optic & IR Positioning Products


  • It is an positioning Radar System for Air Defense Fire Control Radar.

  • Developed Emergency Door assist systems for military application.
  • Includes 3 actuators – Electro Pneumatic for front and rear doors.
  • Safety features enabled for opening and closing during any blockages.