R&D of Nucon is registered with DSIR, Minstry of sciences and tech of India.

NUCON believes in Learn and Grow which is the key factor made us to establish our own footprints in the Aerospace and defence fields .Right from beginning, we have invested in Research & Development. Nucon R&D team of 70 skilled engineers with design and development knowledge helped us to stand in this position. 5% of the annual revenue is allocated to R&D and its infrastructure. NUCON has expertise in Motion control systems in terms of Build to Print and Build to specifications.

NUCON R&D Vision: - To be recognized as a pioneer in R&D product development for Aerospace and Defence Systems in motion control and Guidance systems.

Our Core competence involves: -

Proven design and developed products:

  1. Rotary Electro Mechanical Acturator
  2. Linear Electro Mechanical Acturator
  3. Electo Pneumatic Servo Acturator
  4. Integrated Electro Mechanical Servo Acturator