Power of "N"

It’s the driving force at NUCON Industries. The factor that propels the group to ever higher levels of innovation and productivity, to uncompromising quality standards and to the ultimate in customer satisfaction The Power of "N"

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Our Clients

missile avionics


One of our key strengths is the Avionics department and so at Nucon, we ensure that we do justice to our interests by delivering products and services which are the need of the hour. Avionics is a dynamic field for there are advancements happening at the drop of a hat and we over the years have stayed abreast of the changing scenario.

We have had the good privilege to serve both the verticals w.r.t Aviation Civil and Military with in house capabilities of design, manufacture and test.

Some of our product groups are:
  • Missile Avionics
    • Relay Units
      • Pyre Relay Unit
      • Power distribution Unit
  • Aircraft Avionics
    • Multi layered PCB assemblies SMD and BGA Components
    • Simulation electronic Units
  • Servo control Avionics
    • Servo control Units