Power of "N"

It’s the driving force at NUCON Industries. The factor that propels the group to ever higher levels of innovation and productivity, to uncompromising quality standards and to the ultimate in customer satisfaction The Power of "N"

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Our Clients

missile ground system

Precision Electro Mechanical Systems

The field of Aerospace demands high-performance machining centers and sturdy laboratories. At Nucon, we have the advantage of contemporary equipments and state-of-the art laboratories to achieve great results and everything required for Aerospace and Defiance application.

Indeed our precision Electro-Mechanical systems have enabled us to carry out plans with great success.

Some of our product groups:
  • Control systems integration
    • Control section integration of Missiles
    • Control and Guidance Kits for Bombs
  • Missile Ground systems
    • Air Storage Vehicle
    • Seeker Cooling systems
    • Launch Vehicle sub systems