Power of "N"

It’s the driving force at NUCON Industries. The factor that propels the group to ever higher levels of innovation and productivity, to uncompromising quality standards and to the ultimate in customer satisfaction The Power of "N".

It’s the compelling phenomenon that gives wings to our dreams and powers us into offering not just solutions in the challenging domains of Aerospace, Filters and Pneumatics, but solutions to the very Power of ‘N’.

In its three decades of competitive existence, NUCON has evolved into an industry leader who has made significant inroads into multiple segments of industries. The key to consistency has been our commitment to always adopting the world’s best in technology, encouraging the maximum innovation amongst our highly skilled team and building trust amongst customers.

Today, in the aerospace and defense industry open to the private sector in India, Nucon Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of high precesion control systems for marine, ground as well as air-borne applications.

Our line of products includes control actutation systems, embedded control systems, avionics, cable assemblies as well as low pressure and high pressure pneumatic systems. We design and manufacture the highest quality products which meet and exceed the criteria of our customers and appropriate regulatory authorities.