The field of Aerospace is one of the most sought-after and revered domains largely because of the tremendous value it brings to commercial, industrial and military applications. It’s therefore pivotal to have a company which specializes thoroughly in a domain which is as rare and precious as aerospace. From the past two decades, an efficient team with invaluable work experience and technical expertise has been working relentlessly to make Nucon a global brand. Today at Nucon, we can hold our heads high as we have earned our credibility and reputation thanks to the quality products we have delivered over the years.

At Nucon we are aiming to be the leaders in the control actuation systems competing with the global standards and exhibiting our capapbilities to the DefensePSU's and export customers.With succesful projects and executions in the field of aerospace and defense systems we established our footprints in the market with the utmost performance and gaining customer confidence.And it doesn’t stop there our innovative bent of mind has prompted us to leap beyond the said and done with a belief to contribute to the world with our passion.

At Nucon, we pay heed to two things with utmost importance the people and the process. We have the privilege of housing the best industry talents who not only have a heavy portfolio but also have an innate passion for work. We love our people and our people love their work. At Nucon, we are process-oriented, for we believe the best output is obtained by focusing more on the process and so we have ensured flawless execution, with a penchant for details.


To become a Global Top 10 company in Motion Control Systems focusing primarily on Aerospace and Defense


To achieve Stakeholder Satisfaction through, Technological Innovation, Consistent Quality and Motivated Employees with the highest levels of Ethics & Values